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Middleton Cup Squad Announced

The Middleton Cup Squad for the 2022 season has been named, the team to face Hampshire will be announced early next week after the Home Counties League Game against Kent this weekend.

MC Squad 2022

Andrew Briden

Alan Price

David Ross

Dave Simpson

John McGuinness

Matthew Hyde

Michael Gomme

Steve MaCalister

Tim Godman

Tom McGuinness

Alex Squires

Ben Butlin

Dave Clay

Dave West

Gerry Smyth

Graham Line

Lloyd Sabatini

Nathan Nimmo

Rhys Lee

Rob McConnell

Eddie Pilgrim

Keone Wilson

Rob Measom

Trevor Room

Chris Turrell

Simon Varty

Anthony Roff

Calvert Farrer

Paul Levitt

John Elliott

Ewan Thick

Harvey Whitmack

Daniel Watkins